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GZT Youtube

We have been speaking to some of the brightest young minds and forward thinking business leaders, about different work related topics.

We have published a range of different content, from Gen Z Talks around the world, to Bridging the Gap series and more recently we published our first documentary that focused on Gen Z in the UK and the impact the pandemic had on young people’s education and job opportunities.

Gen Z Talks I UK Documentary I Inside the Minds of Gen Z during the Pandemic

Gen Z Talks first #documentary focuses on the impact the pandemic had on #GenZ ‘s education and job opportunities, where Lizzie West spent the last 6 months travelling across the UK speaking to #students, #youngapprentices #graduates and #founders. We had a camera team supporting Lizzie West across the country. Lizzie spoke to nearly 100 people in person and over zoom, across 6 months, to gauge exactly how young people were feeling about university life, their mental health and their future. We also wanted to highlight new opportunities that are out there for young people, including alternative career paths like apprenticeships.