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Gen Z Talks Partners with Future Fwd Conference 2023 – “Enabling the Next Gen to Suceed”

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May 22, 2023
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Gen Z Talks Partners with Future Fwd Conference 2023 – “Enabling the Next Gen to Suceed”


For the second year running, Gen Z Talks were proud to be a Partner for the Future Fwd Conference that took place in Warwick across two days.

The Educational conference brought together future focused leaders from education and business sectors who want to enable the next generation to succeed.


Gen Z Talks played a key role in putting together the Next Gen panel and activities and worked closely with a very talented group of Gen Z leaders.


There were 5 streams of talks throughout the day, with Gen Z Talks the official partner for Industry, Business and Entrepreneurship. Speakers travelled from all across the UK to share their expertise on different topics related to the future of education and the world work.


It was the Next Gen Panel which kickstarted the conference in style discussing key educational topics such as AI, Entrepreneurship, Work Experience and more. Sam Watson once again directed questions at the panel, with a very engaging Q&A which followed.

The first day ended in style, with various next Gen talks and activities taking place in the beautiful surroundings of Warwick castle. There were some fantastic opportunities for the Next Gen to meet educational and industry sectors leaders and to share their perspectives on a range of different topics.


These conversations continued the next day where roundtable discussions took place to reflect on what was said the day before and what actions could be taken, that will be positive steps in helping the next generation to succeed.

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