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Our Mission

Giving the youth voice a seat at the table, through Live Events, Reverse Mentoring and Content Production.

To collaborate with organisations to deliver the most fun, engaging and impactful events that bring together Gen Z talent and companies in a 50/50. split audience.

To help young people to increase their confidence, connections and skills to help them thrive in the working world.

Connect 10,000 entrepreneurially minded Gen Zs to forward thinking companies, to increase innovation, skills and intrapreneurship in the workplace.

Help SME and corporate companies better engage and retain the younger generation and become a youth friendly employer.

The latest Gen Z Talks

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Gen Z Talks In Numbers



What our clients are saying.

Jess Flack

Gen Z Talks is a platform that provides the tools to solve problems by bringing Gen Z’s fresh mindset along with the experience from other generations.

Jess Flack

Commissioner for Skills Development at Essex County Council

Philip Lewis

An empowering and unique community of fresh minds and experience. A powerful combination!

Philip Lewis

Business Matchmaker

Lucy Day

Gen Z talks enables us to connect and build relationships with like minded individuals from a variety of backgrounds and generations

Lucy Day

Trainee Solicitor at Ellisons Solicitors